CODA contributes to social change by supporting organisations in the Global South which work to protect human rights and address structural inequalities. As such CODA is particularly concerned with:

Organisations which work to support those deprived of their rights and also work to address the structural causes of deprivation and inequalities.
Organisations which have a bottom-up approach. They take a collaborative [participatory] approach to supporting others, sensitive to power relations and a deep understanding of the needs and context of different communities and individuals.
Organisations which use technology as a means, not as an end. This means technology is used to amplify reach and social change where it can be effective, rather than using it in isolation to the needs and context.

As such, CODA’s funding criteria will prioritise organisations which support a political and bottom-up approach to social change; and will support the use of technology not on its own, but used to amplify and support sustainable engagement.