How we work

We believe that training and capacity building are keys to empowering poor and marginalised communities to participate and influence the  policy-making process in their own countries. To achieve empowerment, it is important to strengthen the programming and lobbying strength of community based organisations and that of their members.

CODA International works in partnership with civil society organisations from Latin America, Southern Africa and the Middle East. We provide the support and facilitate the resources – financial and advisory – that help these organisations to achieve their goals in a sustainable way.

In the regions where we work, CODA International has been involved in capacity building  to enable social movements and community groups to:

Conduct their own analysis of public policies and demand necessary changes such as law reforms from decision makers.
Design monitoring tools to enable poor people to assess public services provision at the municipality level.
Influence decision making around policies of public health with regard to HIV/AIDS, inclusive education, and participatory budgeting.
Improve women’s access to legal assistance in cases of gender based violence.